053.How Can I Receive the Romance of My Redeemer?

053.How Can I Receive the Romance of My Redeemer?

Do you ever hunger…

for real romance? Ever desire to be wooed and wowed by someone willing to make a fool of themselves, all for the sake of love?

I think we’d all…

raise our hands to that request. I mean, who wouldn’t want a little extra attention in the middle of this distracted culture we live in today?

So let me invite you…

to step back in time; back to the days of Ruth. Because I believe that here, in this third and final episode on this Warrior, you will find she has some good advice for us. But not just empty words. For she lived a life of example, demonstrating three essential actions which opened the door for her to receive the real romance of her redeemer.

053.How Can I Receive the Romance of My Redeemer.PIN

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