050.Take Time to Celebrate Your Triumphs

050.Take Time to Celebrate Your Triumphs


The CELEBRATION is about to begin, so strap on your happy pants and let’s get going.

In honor of the 50th episode of The Warrior SHE Podcast we are gathering together with 20 Warrior Women who have shared their life stories with us, demonstrating so well the strength and faith it takes to stand firm in full armor, facing their battles head on.

For some of us…

(Ahem… that’s me) it’s hard to stop and celebrate our wins. Somehow, I get this icky feeling like I’m doing something selfish or wrong. But in this episode I’ll share how God moved me past that and showed me what TRIUMPH is truly about.

This, to be honest, has to be one of my FAVORITE episodes so far! And don’t worry, while it’s a milestone, it certainly won’t be my last. In fact, this has just FIRED me up for next season when we will journey into the lives of a whole new set of Warriors!

But if you’re new…

to The Warrior SHE, or if you’ve missed a Warrior or two along the way, this will be an especially GREAT way to hear a tidbit about each of the 20 we celebrate today.

And if you want to dig deeper into any of their stories, listed below are the links to each Warrior with her individual episode, or series of episodes:

Rahab:  Episodes 002, 003, 043
Eve:  Episodes 005, 006, 007
Sarah:  Episodes 008, 009, 010, 011
Woman with the Issue of Blood:  Episodes 012, 013, 014
Jael:  Episode 015
Hannah:  Episodes 016, 017, 018
Esther:  Episodes 019, 020, 021, 022
Woman at the Well:  Episodes 023, 024, 025
Shunammite Woman:  Episodes 026, 027, 028
Hagar:  Episodes 029, 030, 031
Mary of Bethany:  Episodes 032035, 036037
Martha:  Episode 033
Lydia:  Episode 038
Rebekah:  Episodes 039, 040
Rachel:  Episode 041
Leah:  Episode 042
Potiphar’s Wife:  Episode 044
Canaanite Woman:  Episode 045
Abigail:  Episode 046
Miriam:  Episodes 047, 048, 049

So if you’re ready, Warrior… Let’s get this party started! 


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