047.On Purpose: Am I Positioned to Impact the Kingdom of God?

047.On Purpose: Am I Positioned to Impact the Kingdom of God?

Remember when you were a kid…

and it was easier to dream, to imagine, to be curious about the future? Before you were filled with all the doubts, fears and responsibilities that come with adulting. Did you have a vision of one day becoming someone fantastic… someone famous, someone who could take on the world? What happened to that kid? What happened to that dream?

On today’s podcast,…

we are going to honor that dream as we explore the life of a young Warrior who would one day see her dreams come true. Her life began as just an ordinary slave girl who was willing to step into an unusual place of obedience. And if you’ll join me on this journey, I believe you’ll realize, as she did, that we are often standing right on the edge of our purpose and we don’t even know it.

Often times we get so eager…

to move onto the next thing because the place were are standing is uncomfortable or uneasy. I’ve experienced this more times than I like to admit. But I’ll be working hard at something I once was certain to be the will of God, and when I realize that no one is noticing, no one is validating me, or no one is joining me in it, I get this idea that maybe I’m off track. But when did God say that His way was the most popular way? When did He say that His will would be always fun-filled? Just because Jesus drew a crowd, doesn’t mean that I’m going to!

Popularity of purpose…

is a deception straight from our enemy, the devil. He’d love for us to think that if we are alone in something that is not the will of God. But how many Elijah’s were there? How many Noah’s? Sometimes the prophets who made the greatest impact, did so from the loneliest and hardest places. So hang in there, Warrior. Just becuse you are alone in it, does not mean you’re on the wrong path.

We need to stop comparing…

our purpose to that of others. God never said we would have similar callings. If that were the case, He wouldn’t need all of us. How awesome is it that! In fact, He’s such an amazing and creative God that He can come up with individual and distinct purposes for each and every one of us, which all intersect and fit together like a puzzle. And He’s not hiding a thing. He WANTS us to know our purpose. He desires that we ask Him and seek out His will for our life.

And if you’ll join me…

in today’s podcast, I believe you’ll be enlightened as to how that begins. This is episode 1 of 3, in a series on our Warrior Miriam. And as we step into her life, I believe you’ll discover that the dream you’ve buried deep inside is often part of your purpose. Won’t you enter in this exploration with me?


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