042.Why Do I Still Struggle with My Identity when She Seems So Secure?

042.Why Do I Still Struggle with My Identity when She Seems So Secure?

Where do you stand…

with your identity, Warrior? Do you struggle as I do feeling as though you’ve got it all nailed down, only to turn around tempted to compete with HER? She’s the one who just posted that quick pic at the airport with a prayer request for safe travels as she and the hubs take a little getaway to Tuscany.

But I bet you’re above all that social media junk and that doesn’t get to you. So what if when you get to work, you see that new girl heading up the project you’ve had your eye on for months? Maybe thats when the pain hits a little closer to home and you ask yourself, ‘Why HER… the one who always flirts with the boss and gets her way?’ Doesn’t hard work pay off anymore?

So should you change jobs? Or is it going to be this way everywhere?

Never fear, Warrior…

Leah felt exactly the same way! Whether it was jealousy over romance flaunted in her face or always getting passed over, Leah took the hits. But today we honor her as our Warrior because she not only faced these same issues with identity, she finally figured out how to handle them.

Join me as we step into the life of Leah and her sister-wife, Rachel, who battled it out for the love and affection of one man. This true life story certainly gets pretty messy with manipulation but thankfully we find a Warrior who took the higher ground to show us how to stand firm and step away from hungry people and empty places.

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