040.Is Manipulation Causing Me to Miss the Will of God?

040.Is Manipulation Causing Me to Miss the Will of God?

Have you ever wanted a peek into the future?

Maybe you’ve thought, “If only I could see past my current struggle, THEN I’d have the courage to muster on!”

We all have moments like that when we don’t know which way to turn and the future seems so daunting. But what if we actually got our way? What if we were given that peek. Exactly what would you do with the information?

Remember this is your future.

The sneak peek may not come with a timeline. And you’re not who you were ten years ago; or even who you were last year. So if you won’t be who you are now when whatever this is happens, how do you know how to take this news? Maybe you’re not truly prepared for what it means. Maybe you won’t even know how to interpret it.

So let’s say you take that into consideration,

and it’s still not the answer you expected. It’s not what you had hoped for. But now you can’t forget it. And all you can do is wonder about it. Maybe even worry over it. Or worse yet, make yourself sick over it.

Could this be what happened…

to our Warrior Rebekah? We point fingers from a distance and try to act as if we are so above it all. Like we’d ‘never!’ But that’s just because we haven’t been told the future as she was.

I feel for her. She had 20 years of waiting; barren and yearning for a child. Then to hear the news that two were on the way. She might have been so hopeful. But then she maybe wasn’t. Then maybe she had too much time to think about what she didn’t understand.

Manipulation became her way of coping; even her way of controlling the situation so God wouldn’t have to. Isn’t that sometimes how we see it? don’t we occasionally get a bit mixed up, thinking we can help the Big Man out a little? (listen to the podcast for ALL the details!)

So how do we wait for God…

to work out what only He can make sense of? His ways are surely higher. His plans are certainly better. But oh this shield of faith gets heavy over time, especially when it feels as if we are carrying it alone.

So could knowing the future really be a good solution to our current struggle?

Would it change how we stand firm, how we pray, how we lean into God’s Word? Or would it more likely cause our worry turn to manipulation; our fear turn into faltering.

Let us be grateful that our God knows best.

Let us be confident that He has a purpose and plan for us at just the right time, if we will only trust Him and get out of the way. Let us no longer try to interpret what He is saying for our benefit alone but rather for His glory. Then we can be assured that we are falling in step with the work and the will of God.

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If you missed the first lesson on Rebekah, and would like to catch up, you can find it here, Episode 039.How to Pray for a Sign on the Journey to Your Unknown. If you are in the middle of a struggle as Rebekah was, you may certainly be facing Spiritual Warfare and this blog post, Spiritual Warfare: 3 Signs You’re Standing in the Middle of It, might be just what you need.

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Have you ever wanted a peek into the future? Maybe just thought, “If only I could see past my current struggle, THEN I’d have the courage to muster on!”

Well, today’s Warrior got just that! Join me as we step into her life and watch events unfold to see how she reacts. Unfortuantely this is a story of one who wandered off her purposed path a bit too far when she abandons wisdom and waiting. But we can still learn from her missteps, and see how easily we too might misinterpret the will of God, falling into the trap of manipulation.

This is certainly a tricky trap, Warrior that we don’t want to fall into. Join me today as we #realizetheWarriorwithin and learn how the Warrior SHE can remain faithful to do the will of God.


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