015.Action Over Anxiety

015.Action Over Anxiety

Do you struggle with fear of the future? Is there trouble that has taken over your peace, leaving you with no way out? Today on the Warrior SHE we step into the life of Jael, a woman of the Old Testament who took action, making a decisive choice which changed not only her future, but that of her nation.

Let us learn together how we too can leave the paralysis of our problem and fulfill the purpose God has planned for us.

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  • Jael sounds like an interesting, if controversial, subject of study. She welcomed a guy in danger, then killed him in cold blood. But I realise there was so much at stake and it took a whole lot of guts to do what she did. By that valiant act, she secured the safety of her people and the Israelites, their hosts. God’s grace with your ministry and this particular study in Jesus’ name.

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