013.How to HEAR from God

013.How to HEAR from God

Hearing from God can be such an illusive idea.

Join me as we step into the journey of faith with our Warrior of the Week.. the woman with the issue of blood. We will seek to answer the question: How do we step out in faith, when we are struggling with weakness?

This is a truly transforming discovery as we learn how she HEARD from God, which moved her closer to Him. We can apply this same hearing to help us in our struggles. And this is not just for healing in the area of physical health.

Many of us have weakness in our finances and our relationships. Not to mention the added stresses of a busy life.

Hearing from God will help you…

  • take a step closer to Him
  • grow in your faith
  • stir you to being still

Even when you don’t FEEL courageous, you can be STIRRED by being STILL.

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