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So you’re wondering…
exactly who IS this Warrior SHE?

Well, she is all of us, really. But many of us are simply not yet aware. So my aim is to help uncover and reveal her to you so that you too can live a victorious life.

You see, I’ve spent many years trying to figure out who I am, where I fit in, and the purpose of my life. And now that I have discovered more of who God intended me to be, I want to share what I have learned with you.

I am an avid student of the Bible and get goosebumps when I learn a new meaning behind a verse as I research in Hebrew and Greek. Some would call me a “word-nerd,” and I’m comfortable with that, as that’s part of the uniqueness of how God made me.

My life before writing, blogging and podcasting was always spent working outside the home.

I once had a boss who asked me, “Lisa, what haven’t you done?” I guess that’s because I’ve worked since I was 15… in a variety of  different retail stores and restaurants. As I got older, I managed small, medium and large office staff in personnel, medicine and education. And through it all, I realize now, that God had it planned that way. And He kept me.

But to be honest, there were plenty of times I didn’t keep Him; times when I wandered, strayed and ignored Him. And there were times when I begged and I pleaded, times when I questioned and cried. Those were the days of the big battles.

And yet, each time I turned around, He was always there. Yes, God has always kept me and provided for me. For He is a faithful God. And I say to Him now, “Lord, what can I do for You?”

And so at this quieter time in my life when I seek Him the most, I can hear Him louder than ever before. And I am so very grateful that the Lord has been patient with me, because He is allowing me to discover my strengths and gifts. He is leading me into who I truly am… a Warrior.

Won’t you join me in this journey to realize the Warrior inside of you?

God does not wish for us to wander around in self-doubt, stressing over the anxieties of this world. He has armed and armored us for every battle no matter how large or small.

Embrace this tribe; women who realize the warrior within.  And the Warrior… SHE will emerge from the depths of your soul, courageous and bold, standing firm for the Lord. And SHE will be daily encouraged, transformed, and strengthened as she practices eternity today.



I married my college sweetheart 29 years ago and we have two beautiful daughters, both on the verge of their own independence. I have a business degree from Texas A&M University and spent 15 years in sales, marketing and management before transitioning to education. It was working with, and among middle school students, that I discovered God had gifted me with a talent to teach. And while I excelled in making math more simple to some, and less painful to many, after 10 years in the classroom, I was ready to move on. Currently, I am pursuing my passions and purpose in Bible Study, Podcasting, and Blogging… with fitness a high priority. I am also writing a Bible Study for publication and have scattered notes, outlines, and characters for the first novel of my fiction series.

If I can answer any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me at author@thewarrioshe.com

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