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How do I KNOW if Jesus really CARES?

Dig a little deeper into why God has given us this Helmet of Salvation, learning about the Mind of Christ you have received. Also, grab your Bible and read from 1 Corinthians 2 to learn how God desires to reveal His thoughts to you!

032. If You Could Ask Jesus ONE THING...

Are you ready to make the choice… to receive the ONE THING? Join Mary as we sit still and listen to the voice of One who knows you better than anyone. Once you hear it, you will never be satisfied with anything else.

031.How I Can Find True Freedom When I'm Such a Slave to Fear

Have you ever wanted so much to escape the bondage of something that you can barely breathe? Join me in this adventure with Hagar to find freedom from what enslaves us

030.Worn Out, Weary and On the Run

Let God ask His questions of your heart. He sees you, He hears you. He longs for you to know your purpose. Listen for His voice and receive His salvation.

029.Are You a Captive of Comparison?

Let us never be shy to DEFEND our DIFFERENCES, for comparison will only echo the void inside. Encourage first yourself and then share these verses with others, Brave Warrior!

028.What is Righteousness?

Righteousness is difficult to understand. But when we approach it with a humble heart, and realize how God desires us to receive it, then we can step through this process of true restoration.

027.How to get Past my Problem to RUN Toward my Purpose

Stop running and begin pursuing your purpose. Use these daily verse studies to help you get past the roadblocks and discern your direction as you run into God’s presence first thing each day.

026.Weigh Your Words to Lighten Your Load

Prepare RIGHT words rather than lugging the weighty ones around. Use these 7 verses to encourage you this week

025.What is True Worship and How Can I Experience It?

Dig deeper into the meaning of TRUE Worship and how the Woman at the Well expressed it.

024.How to Replace a Ruined Reputation

Be refreshed as you replace the lies of self-doubt and regret with the TRUTH of what God says about you.

023.Do you FEAR what they will say?

Stop listening to what others have to say. Instead receive the gift of refreshment and renewal through Jesus living water.

022.How to Prepare for Answered Prayer

Learn what to do after the Amen, as you prepare for the victory God has in store for you.

021.Does My Posture Matter to God?

Stand to see the victory of God! But do I really have to? Can’t I sit and wait for Him?

020.Where Do I Find Security in Uncertain Times

Learn to PUT ON what God has for you, even in uncertainty.

019.How to Thrive in the Struggle

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018.How to Bravely Believe in Truth

Express your JOY for for the TRUTH’s of God, and receive STRENGTH to be brave

017.Seven Key Insights to Effective Prayer

Add insight and variety to the types of prayers you launch as a Prayer Warrior

016.How to Overcome when you feel Overwhelmed

Overcome this week with verses to guide you using your sword.

015.Take Action Over Anxiety

Leave paralysis of the problem to fulfill the purpose of God

014.Be Armed and Ready for After the Issue

Complete your target and enjoy a week’s worth of devotional verses

013.How to Hear from God

Be encouraged by these ten Armor of God verses written in first person.

012.Finding God in My Pain

Reflect on these truths of God and lies from the enemy as you design your target

011.How Faith Works

Partner with God in FAITH as we learn to work, walk and wait through it.

010.Braving our Barren Places

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009.Running on Empty

Even when we get detoured from our purposed path, there is fuel for our faith

008.How to Recover from Identity Theft

Create your own ID Badge by claiming what God has for you to inherit.

007.The Bond of Love

Learn the type of bond God defines so that we may be unified in love.

006.Targeted for Temptation

Even when we get detoured from our purposed path, there is fuel for our faith

005.This Means War

Learn how to fight spiritual battles, even taking captives

004.The Gemstone Ring

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003.You're Putting Me On!

Learn how the armor of God is meant to fit

002.Who Pulled the Rug Out?

Learn how to stand firm and recover from others actions which trip us up

001.Good Mercies, Warrior!

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Prayer of Salvation

If you are wanting to connect with God, receiving forgiveness of sins as a free gift by grace through faith, then simply confess this prayer out loud. Contact me after, if you desire encouragement in your next steps. Welcome to the family of God!

The Armor of God, as worn by Warriors

Learn how other Warriors put their Armor into ACTION. Click on each Armor icon to listen.

Armor of God

Basic guide to the Armor of God
Embolden the Warrior within
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